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Crystal MM Huntley


Crystal MM Huntley is a two-time published author, blogger, open advocate against abuse, and featured guest on many prominent podcasts. She writes passionately about issues closest to her heart. The stories Crystal molds stem from her own experiences. They reflect how she gained victory over the multiple forms of childhood abuse added to more than two decades of domestic abuse that she endured. In 2012, Crystal escaped that life of torment. Now, as a victor, she walks the healing path with a fervent mission to, through the gift of writing, provide inspiration and motivation to others so that they, too, can break those malevolent chains and be set free from that toxic epidemic.
Crystal weaves aspects of her strong faith in her Higher Power into her books, which can be purchased through AuthorHouse, Amazon, and many other prominent websites, and through her blog posts at www.crystalmmhuntley.com. She gives her Savior full credit for having pulled her out of the depth of despair and placing her into a blessedly safe space where she now thrives as she continues the never-ending path of healing while joyously counting her many blessings.
Crystal resides with the love of her life and their precious westie in Michigan, surrounded by the peaceful beauty and ever-entertaining wildlife of the Upper Peninsula’s national forests.