The Hidden Diamond

Aldous takes pride in his well-formatted ability to remain in control. To achieve such a goal, he securely locks deep within himself all elements from the seven decades of his past that could shake his precisely placed footing. Then a new family moves across the street, and with it, a five-year-old boy named Dakota with an uncanny ability to gnaw under Aldous’s skin. Bit by bit, Aldous’s carefully placed façade peels away, allowing God’s enduring love to push Aldous to face his past and bring him to his knees, asking God’s forgiveness while finding new freedom.

To forgive is to give up on the wish for a different past so that we might embrace the present. The Hidden Diamond is a powerful story of forgiveness.

Robin’s Gift

Natalie grew up in a troubled home. Trying to escape the horrors of her past, she fled from all she knew and attempted to start a new life. Shrouded in anonymity, she believed she had escaped her demons. Years later, Natalie embarks on a path that will challenge her deeply. With the courage to face her past, she discovers the hope of a new beginning. This modern twist on the Biblical story of the Prodigal Son invites readers to follow Natalie on a divine journey of self-discovery as she learns that, though her past may be filled with regret, God’s grace can always bring healing and peace.