Are You a Workaholic? Revealing Its Hidden Cause.

Are you a workaholic? Revealing its hidden cause. People have a long history of doing all they can to skirt around facing unwanted feelings. The drug addict, the sex addict, those addicted to anger and abusive ways, the forms of addictions are countless. Often, they have become that way due to avoiding their feelings instead of facing them so they can heal.

Why would someone want to confront those undesired emotions? Doing so would mean jumping out of the safety of their raft and into deep, icy-cold waters with waves smashing against them. Without the protective shield of their vessel, it seems impossible to reach the shoreline. Yet their addiction would cause them to neglect to notice that their lifeboat has no paddles nor a functioning motor, which means that the boat, their addiction, will keep them stranded. The only way to become rescued is to jump out and swim ashore. In other words, they must accept what they have been avoiding.

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Do you keep yourself overtly busy as a way of burying feelings? This workaholic tendency is a common way to escape facing emotions that someone would much rather ignore. Today’s go, go society facilitates the number of those who engage in this activity to reach epidemic levels.

Robin’s Gift

In my book Robin’s Gift, Melody exemplifies an expert workaholic. Melody’s heart broke with the death of her mother. Those severed pieces shattered even more as bitter disappointment settled in Melody’s heart when her siblings abandoned her, leaving her alone with the overwhelming task of managing their family’s affairs.

Those feelings seemed more than Melody could bear. So she painted on a smile and turned to her time-proven friend, workaholism. However, as you turn the pages of Robin’s Gift, you will read about the path Melody took to discover the pitfalls of her method and learn a more effective way that leads to healing instead of destruction.

Not Me?

I have known about this tendency for years. But I assumed it did not apply to me. Yes, I have always been a driven person. I’m known to push myself to the limit and beyond. I have done this so often that it is difficult to recognize where my healthy borders lie.

In many ways, I agree that the title of workaholism applies to me, but I could not have fallen into its trap as a way to steer clear from feeling my emotions. How could I, when I have delved into those emotions while creating my writings over so much of my life? Not to mention, I’ve taken advantage of the benefits of therapy for over two decades. And according to many of my therapists, I have grown leaps and bounds. So, my form of workaholism must stem from passionate motivation and not the avoidance of feelings.

But then, one day, a revelation hit me. As my brain constantly focuses on the multiple tasks I need to accomplish, it skillfully pulls me away from the present moment. When I uncovered this realization, I attempted to settle my thoughts and focus on the present time. That shouldn’t be too hard to do. After all, when I write, I remain in complete focus.

So, I began to pay attention to my thoughts while engaged in other activities. It soon became apparent that my writing time remained the sole activity that spared me from the flood of must-do thoughts. That swirl of invasive demands binds together, forming a massive ball that removes me from the present task. Then it struck—I use workaholism to avoid the feelings that the present moment brings.

The Difficulty of Now

Why is it so difficult to settle in the present moment? What makes it such a frightening place to reside? As I asked myself this question, a wave of memories frightening memories engulfed me from my past. I took a deep breath and settled my heartbeat. That reality existed only in my past. I am now safe.

Even though my mind had successfully processed those traumatic events, the cells of my body still held onto many frightening feelings. If I slowed down, breathed in deeply, and, while knowing I am safe, access those feelings, even naming them, maybe I could release each one. But doing that requires far more than mere work but also the reentrance of an area I have successfully built up a barrier to shield me from.

Proverbs 28:13 (EHV) says, “A person who conceals his sins will not prosper, but one who confesses and abandons them will receive mercy.”

But how does running from buried feelings relate to sin? The answer to that question is twofold. Even if avoidance does not appear as a sin, that behavior sets off a chain reaction, sending a person down a bramble-filled path.

Miss the Mark

I want to stop here and provide a more discernable definition of “sin.” Within the New Testament, the word “sin” originated from the Greek word “hamartia.” Originally, this word was used as an archery term, meaning to “miss the mark.”

I love this knowledge, for, as a child, my parents instilled in me a fear of condemnation. Learning this definition of sin helped me to lessen my phobia by removing the sense of condemnation associated with that fundamental term. I believe with every fiber of my being that God Is Love. A true loving God does not want to condemn us but, instead, desires to gather us into His loving arms of salvation. A true loving God would help us recognize where we have “missed the mark” and point us in the right direction.

I imply you to take courage. Step out of your boat and place your feet on solid ground.

Note To My Readers

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