Crystal MM Huntley



I published my first book, The Hidden Diamond, in October 2022. I write under the genre of Christian Fiction using elements from my past. I love how fiction can turn a nightmarish experience into a sprinkling of hope, faith, forgiveness, and healing, which is my intent with each book I publish--I have many more manuscripts in different stages. Like many among us, I grew up in an abusive home. In my efforts to heal and not pass that curse onto my four beloved children, I discovered the therapeutic traits of journaling, which is now developing into my books. I have been writing for over 20 years, taken numerous writing courses, studied under many successful authors, and attended several writers' conferences, most through American Christian Fiction Writers and Called to Write. I became a member of a national writers' group, attended monthly regional meetings, and taught various writing classes, including ones through a local summer-school program and other workshops. I write passionately on issues close to my heart, using my experiences. I write with the desire that my words will help others wounded by abuse find their way toward healing.

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