Back to the Basics – Do You Need Its Value?

Back to the basics—do you need its value? In today’s non-stop world, life can easily overwhelm us. As a mother of adult children, I’ve noticed that their lives consist of innumerable pressures—far more than when I had raised them, pulling them in every direction. The trend continues producing more time-pressing burdens for each subsequent generation than the previous one. Whether stressed out by day-to-day activities or unforeseen events, it is crucial to pause and take time out to rest. Matthew 11:28 reminds us how essential it is to come to God and rest, even when engaged in heavy labor.

With Christmas hovering right around the corner, taking time out for yourself becomes even more essential. The pressure of this holiday often makes our already overfilled lives even more hectic. As schedules mound, the criticalness to prioritize etching time out for yourself equally grows. This fact rings true, especially when it seems impossible.

Healing from Abuse

Active healing from abuse is taxing never-ending work. If not kept in proper balance, its labor can drain the body and the soul. For example, just like no vehicle can run on fumes, we must frequently refuel ourselves. If not, your body will, in time, break down. One must maintain a proper balance between delving into the emotional work of recovery and giving yourself a break. To continuously force healing can become just as damaging to the soul as denying the need.

Back to the Basics

Getting back to the basics is an excellent way to slow down a fast-spinning life. Take a moment and step outside, then breathe in fresh air and observe nature. Read a good book or take a soaking bath. Doing something like baking bread can become an act of meditation. With open eyes, you will find countless opportunities for rest awaiting you. Slowing down is crucial, for we can only hear God’s still small voice by relaxing and quieting our minds.

Consider a time when you misplaced a much-needed item. You know it’s around somewhere, but no matter how hard you search, you cannot find it. This scenario happens often to me. During my younger years, when such an event occurred, I would fret and search. I wasted valuable time and energy in vain. But my more mature, wiser self has learned in moments like this to step back from the problem. Stepping back is a form of rest. When I remove my anxious mind from the situation at hand, clarity can enter in. I then, with ease, can discover the missing item’s hiding place. Refueling through rest, in whatever form is needed, always carries its rewards.


I tend to be an ambitious person. Once I make a decision, I plow forth with full steam ahead. This type-A trait serves me well. It allows me to write books, keep this weekly blog fresh with new posts, and successfully achieve many other goals. But every good thing comes with its downside. A drawback of this high-achieving attitude is that my head constantly swarms with to-do lists. For most of my adult life, resting or pausing for fun became yet another item added to my agenda. I only recently have begun to enjoy downtime for what it is meant to be. I am sure other type-A people can relate.


Yet, to be fair, I did not come by this trait merely through genetics. One of the many lies drilled into me as a child is that a person’s value resides in their productivity. This fallacy fueled my natural drive, spinning it out of control. Abusers rely on many tools to dominate and manipulate their victims. A common one is to fill their prey’s mind with such lies. As a result, part of our healing journey includes opening our eyes to decipher those falsehoods. Then, we must do the work of extracting those lies from our thought process.

I face a unique challenge. Even though my strong will takes the go-go approach, my physical body cannot keep up. However, every pitfall presents its blessings. A gift of my innate attitude is that it keeps me from giving in to the disability. It motivates me to, regardless of limitations, claim my life and make it the best it can be. See my November 29, 2023 blog, where I wrote about seeing such blessings amid dark moments. in a new tab)

There is another glaring advantage to the fact that I have lived my life with a weakened body. It forces me to slow down, something my strong will may not have done otherwise. God may be using my disability for His advantage. I say this because our Savior is the Master of turning the bad into something good. Our Lord may be using my weakness to give me rest in green pastures and lead me to calm waters—as stated in Psalms 23. We are not placed on this earth only to achieve. God created us to draw close to Him and enjoy this marvelous world our Savior forged.


Let’s get back to the topic of Christmas. Its meaning too often becomes lost in this fast-paced world. We tend to get caught up in the pressures of all the extras this paramount holiday loads on our plates. Amidst the hustle and bustle, we set aside time to take in the true purpose of Christmas. If we don’t, before we realize it, the holiday has passed. We breathe a breath of relief when things finally settle back into normalcy, missing the gift of Christmas. However, our loving God gives us a new chance with each year. Make this your year to receive the true blessing of Christmas.

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