Be Fearless and Let Your Beautiful Self Shine.

Be fearless and let your beautiful self shine. Yet, how can you do this when events that are too traumatic to face riddle your past? Furthermore, how do you escape such a tainted reality? Consequently, all you wish for is to run from them, pretend they never happened, and start life anew. Natalie, from Robin’s Gift, faces just such a dilemma. You will discover what Natalie tried to run from when you read my new book. Turn the pages and find out what resulted from her running and where she ultimately landed.

I am sure all of us, to a degree, can relate to Natalie. My reasoning rests in the fact that we each have moments within our existence that we wish to run from. Nevertheless, no matter how tempting, running is never the answer.


I know a person who changed his name as he attempted to escape his past. For anonymity’s sake, I will refer to him as Ross. Ross wanted nothing to do with the person he once was. He wished to make a clean start to his life. Ross is dear to me, so I embraced his new name and attempted to counsel him. I tried to show him that the person he was before remains crucial to who he is today. For that reason alone, he needed to accept his former self.

Ross’s past and future are all essential parts of his journey. One cannot exist without the other. Those challenging moments Ross suffered through forged him into the strong young man he is today. However, Ross does not understand how abandoning his past self weakens his present.

Having known Ross since he was young, I’ve seen great potential within him. Furthermore, I care for him deeply and wish for him to become that incredible person God intended him to be. However, tragically, Ross has allowed bitterness toward his former self to leak into the present. As a result, his resentment has made him angry and caused him to believe he is helpless. Consequently, denying a crucial part of himself results in Ross giving up his power.

Robin’s Gift – A Sneak Peak

Natalie clomped down the crumbling pavement as fast as her legs would carry her. The oversized work boots strapped to her feet slid with each step, irritating tender skin into painful blisters. Ahead, she spied an alley. Maybe she could lose him by slipping into its corridor.

She sprinted around the corner and glanced behind. His silhouetted figure continued to close in. The uneven red-brick surface grabbed at her feet. For a split second, her legs flared. She re-gathered her footing and plunged forward with such velocity she questioned if her chest might explode. She twisted her focus to assess the distance between them. Red, fine hair tangled on the wire rim of her glasses. A chill pierced her bones while a lurking arm grasped the edge of her tattered shirt.

Natalie shot up in bed, gasping for air. Her eyes inspected the reindeer pattern on her flannel pajamas, a necessary confirmation that it was nothing more than a bad dream. This same nightmarish personification persisted in invading her waking hours. What would it take to make it go away?

Her breath came in short bursts as she stumbled out of bed and slipped her feet into fuzzy slippers. She staggered to the bathroom before pausing at the sink in front of the mirror. Sweat beaded on her faintly freckle-dappled nose. She ran her tongue along her upper lip, detecting the briny taste of salt. How long had she been running? It seemed like forever.


Just as this nightmarish figure chases after Natalie, Ross’s past chases after him. The chase will continue until the pursued person turns around and embraces whatever their past holds that they are trying to escape. Only time will tell if Ross chooses to submit to his past and embraces it. If he does, he will finally find the freedom to move forward.

Read Robin’s Gift and discover what Natalie is running from. Turn the pages and see if she stops running and embraces what has chased her. What type of life will Natalie have if she stops running? Find the answers in Robin’s Gift.

From Robin’s Gift

Robin ran her finger over the soft fuzz on the cuff of Aurora’s boot. The child-sized item recharged an urge she had not suppressed since high school. It had surged with even greater intensity since her marriage to Eric three years ago. Back then, Melody had made it clear she thought Robin’s endeavor was a hopeless fantasy. With Abigail born, Robin’s longing grew with even greater passion. A snicker snuck through her sealed lips.

What is Robin’s persistent urge that presses upon her with such intensity she cannot resist? To find out, read my new book, Robin’s Gift.

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Behind the Scenes

I worked long and hard on this novel. As a result, Robin’s Gift consists of close-to-heart, actual events transformed into a work of fiction for all of you to enjoy. In short, I place high hope that as you read this story, you will discover elements within it to help you grow in your healing journey.

Note To My Readers

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