Can Peace Be Found in the Midst of Genuine Despair?

Can peace be found in the midst of genuine despair? When lost in a tornado of negative emotions, we can easily forget what joy feels like. But take heart. Active healing provides the tools necessary to avoid such a trap.

Broken Dreams

My daughter couldn’t visit me due to her unexpected hospitalization emergency. As a result, the stress of the situation flared my health issues, rendering me nearly unable to function. See

We all have dreams, but this troubled world interferes, slicing our aspirations to shreds. My dominant dream as a child was to belong to a loving family. However, the effects of abuse shattered that longing into an unreachable desire. My childhood fantasy reignited once I started having children of my own. But it takes the cooperation of everyone within a home to nurture a loving environment, an unachievable goal when one partner turns to abuse. No matter how hard I tried, I could not shelter my children from the devastating effects of their father’s corrosive actions. My dreams of a loving family shattered for a second time.

Like all of us, Lacey from The Hidden Diamond harbored aspirations, but her father’s actions stole them. Instead of turning the life she wished for into reality—forced by misfortune caused by Aldous’s abuse—Lacey dedicated an extensive hunk of her existence to facing the truth that occurred within her childhood home. Only then could she overcome and heal enough not to continue repeating the pattern programmed into her since birth.

Commit to Heal

When people don’t heal from the dysfunction seeded within them, its wounds bleed into their present and future. And this is what happened to Lacey. She still wore blinders when she attempted to escape the horrors of her childhood by marrying and having children. As a result, the dysfunctional, abusive pattern repeated itself. Life works like this if we do not open our eyes, face the truth, and actively make changes within ourselves. When raised in dysfunction, we view the world through warped lenses. Making such a change is never easy. It means moving out of your comfort zone and into the unfamiliar. On the other hand, without engaging in healing work, our future choices become stained by distortions.

I know this because I did this very thing. I kept my blinders firmly affixed when I committed vows to the man who fathered my children. That blindness became a survival tool throughout much of my life. I finally gained the strength to remove those blinders and escaped to a shelter. I am using those experiences to formulate Lacey’s story.

Upcoming Book

I will reveal more about this upcoming book in future posts. Currently, I am writing it as a sequel to The Hidden Diamond. As of yet, I cannot predict when this book will come out. It is about a quarter finished, and my next project to complete once I publish Robin’s Gift near the beginning of 2024.

Removing blinders and actively participating in healing works. I stand tall, stating this as testimony. It is not easy work, but it is the only way to claim your life, find freedom, and break the chains of abuse. Because I put in the effort and met the charge, I now easily detect the subtle signs of abusive personalities. I avoid those people while successfully attracting healthy relationships. Such a change does not occur by desire alone. It only happens through meeting the charge to claim your life.

An abundance of resources in this area blesses us today. I am committed to being one of them. If you find yourself in an abusive situation, I encourage you to seek help. You can do so through this website at, contact their 24/7 hotline number, 1-800-799-SAFE (7233), or text “START” to 88788.

Why I Write

I write to help people escape the shackles of abuse. I hope to help others gain knowledge of new functional ways of being and break generational chains. Let’s turn back to the topic of my daughter, which I started this post with. No matter how much I, or any parent, desire to fix their child’s woes, God did not grant us such capabilities. At times like this, we must trust that our children are held securely within our Savior’s loving hands. Regardless of the results, we must rely on our Lord’s unconditional love for each of us.

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Hopefully, you have gained value from this blog post. If you have, I would like to offer you the opportunity to purchase my book, The Hidden DiamondBUY THE BOOK – Crystal MM Huntley, and support my mission to break the chains of abuse.

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