Choose the Best Perspective that Serves Your Heart.

Choose the best perspective that serves your heart. How do we do this? Are you one who walks through their day counting blessings no matter what the current situation offers? Or maybe you are so lost in tribulations that all you can find are reasons for despair. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, the day to reflect on all we are grateful for. Instead of living one day of the year with the spirit of thanksgiving, shouldn’t we exist that way every day?

Some of the happiest people have experienced the most unbelievable hardships. It often takes losing something precious to learn how to be grateful for what we have. Genesis 50:20 tells us that what the enemy meant for evil, God uses for good. During my most challenging moments, I hold onto this scripture as a reminder. It helps to keep me on the side of gratitude and not slip into discouragement.

Glorify God Through Your Challenges.

In my thirties, I lost the priceless ability to walk. After over a decade in a wheelchair, God placed circumstances in my life that allowed me to walk again. On May 8th, 2023, I posted about that healing,

God restored my ability to walk, yet has so far chosen not to heal me from many other aspects of Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome. One way to remain positive while existing with this painful, debilitating condition is to use it for Christ’s glory. To many, this may sound strange, but I do this by focusing on the blessings. I have received countless directly tied to the disability I’ve endured my entire life. One could say the adage, you don’t know what you have until you lose it, rings true.

Don’t Get Stuck.

I often hear people complain about the multiple tasks they need to accomplish. A trip to the grocery store, pick up the kids, do the laundry, gas up the car. For such overtaxed people, the list is never-ending. As burdens mound, it is natural to grumble protests. We all have moments where we need to cleanse ourselves by releasing complaints. But, remember, allowing ourselves too much time to gripe will become dangerous if you reside in that space too long. The reason for this is that the realm of complaint will zap your joy. Once stuck in such a place, it takes a lot of work to climb out.

Due to the degenerative nature of my condition, I lost my ability to drive in my late thirties. Those who grouch about such things haven’t a clue of the blessings that surround them. As I watch able-bodied people, I must keep myself in check so I do not fall into the trap of envy. Because envy and gratitude are opposites, just like love and hatred, they cannot coexist simultaneously.

The Gift of New Perspective

Losing an ability or surviving trauma provides the gift of a new perspective. If nurtured, that gift will allow gratitude to grow. If those who have suffered loss remain in a state of thankfulness, they will not take what they have for granted. What blessings can you find amidst tragedy? One of the blessings of my disability and having survived abuse is these things taught me to fight—to fight for what is right and what is good. I would not be the advocate I am today if I had not lived through those hardships.

You Are Worthy!

Again, what the enemy means for evil, God uses for good. The enemy expels enormous efforts to take us down. But God uses every ill-intended endeavor for His glory. Consider how valuable you must be for the enemy to put so much effort into stifling you. Even more so, consider how priceless your worth is for our Lord to rescue you. And yet, our Savior not only delivers you repeatedly, but He turns things around and uses them for good. Now, that is something to be grateful for.

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