Do You Know How to Better Balance Your Life?

Do you know how to balance your life better? I’ve often felt that navigating life is like walking a tightrope as thin as dental floss. This visual concept budded as a child, as my dogmatic father imposed upon me a god to be feared. Father made the line between good and evil almost undetectable, enforced by threats of condemnation if crossed. As a result, he brilliantly succeeded at installing within me a fear of life and a fear of God.

Throughout my childhood, I remained in denial of the abuse I existed in—a typical survival tool when the conscious mind cannot cope with reality. My children’s birth acted as a catalyst, opening my eyes to the intense abuse that tainted my upbringing. As a young mother, my determination grew to do things much differently than how my parents taught me. I struggled to create the best life possible for my four darlings—A challenging task in the best of circumstances. Awareness of the abuse within my life pulling me into a bottomless abyss made that task even more daunting.

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New Year Resolution

The hustle and bustle of Christmas is winding down. Some people pack up their decorations and take down their trees as early as December twenty-six. Then others, like me, keep everything up for an extended month or more, hoping to prolong that magical feeling. People are now planning celebrations for the New Year. And with that planning comes the old traditional New Year’s resolution. Whether or not you participate in this custom, we all experience pressure to do so. We later watch as so many break their resolution within only a few short months.

I’ve never been one to participate in this customary tradition. My investment in healing from past wounds is a key reason why. It has always prompted me to keep an open eye on where I’ve needed further growth. Wherever I see such promptings, I’ve created the habit of delving into the necessary work to make the required changes. So, in a sense, I follow the time-held tradition of New Year’s resolutions all year long.


An urgent change has been shouting at me for more balance in life. I love my writing and am passionate about healing. Every time I successfully combine the two to help others on their healing journey, I feel honored.

One of the challenges I face is that I deal not only with the wounds from abuse. But I also struggle with the weaknesses that come with having been born with a disability. The two together greatly limit my abilities and cause me to tire far too quickly. The Serenity Prayer fits nicely here as I am learning I cannot waste my energy fighting against this limitation. You can find the full version and its history at Serenity Prayer – God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot (

God has done much to liberate me and bring healing. Our Lord is the Master at turning what the enemy meant for evil into something good. I believe God plans to use my trials and infirmities for His glory. Because of that, I must work with my Savior and not fight against Him. I must use serenity.

Balance is required to remain at peace and not fight against limitations. I must remind myself of that every day, as it continues to be an everlasting challenge. In other words, it remains a thorn in my side, as Paul states in Second Corinthians, chapter 12.

Find the Blessing Within

I am a driven person. I find it challenging to slow down and take it easy, even when my body shouts signals that I must. Part of the reason is due to a lack of acceptance of the effects of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Its limitations do not allow me to run at the speed a typical healthy person can.

Two times recently, storms have knocked out our electricity for multiple hours. I tend to want to make my moments productive. When electricity is lost, our dependency on it becomes evident. After a dozen, “I can do this—no, it takes electricity” crossed my mind. I finally settled down, curled up, and read a book. As a result, God blessed me with relaxation time by taking out our power. God again turned something awful into something good. I am learning not to fret when undesired events happen and instead find the blessing within them.

Balancing on a Tightrope

Do you often feel that you are balancing on a thin tightrope? Accordingly, this world provides a wealth of choices, opportunities, situations, and stimuli. They all beg for our attention. Each option and situation can act as a strong gust of wind tipping you off center. How do you secure your footing and not waver to one side or the other?

Your New Year’s Resolution

Are you going to make a New Year’s resolution for 2024? If so, what will it be? I invite you to share your ideas with me. You can do so through my email at or by  CONTACT THE AUTHOR – Crystal MM Huntley.

To My Readers

Join me next week as I begin a nine-week series that will cover seven forms of abuse. Within this series, I also will provide information and resources for anyone seeking help. I welcome questions and comments on any of my blogs. To do so, go to CONTACT THE AUTHOR – Crystal MM Huntley. I pray that all who indulge in my written creations find entertainment, enjoyment, and education. I also hope to inspire you to move forth in your healing journey.

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