Do You Know How to Find Freedom from Your Perspective?

Do you know how to find freedom from your perspective? For many, doing so is no easy task, but it is well worth the effort. Ask yourself this question. Does my standpoint build me up, or does it suppress me? Those of us victimized by abuse have been trained in the know-how of suppression. The abuser imprints this skill on their victim as a way of control. Therefore, breaking out of that limited way of thinking frees a person to discover a new life filled with meaning.

Over the past year-and-a-half, my sweetie did just that. He broke out of his old way of thinking that did not serve him. He then adopted a new attitude and implemented lifestyle changes. These changes led to his ability to shed over one hundred pounds. Consequently, Rich now experiences new freedom within his body. He has found strength, stamina, energy, less knee and back pain, and many more beneficial results.

Such a drastic change sets many things into motion. Each new element brings an opportunity to choose a perspective. Rich now deals with loose folds of skin that cover his belly region. Many would see this as a blemish to hide from sight or, if possible, remove. However, instead of choosing a stance that causes shame, we have decided to use a far different viewpoint. We’ve chosen one that lifts Rich up. We see those skin folds as a trophy, reminding us of the superb achievement that Rich has accomplished. 

The Two-Sided Coin

Like the two-sided proverbial coin, everything in life can be seen from an opposite angle. I am close to someone—I will call Deric—who sees obstacles as freezing points. When Deric comes to a hitch, he gets stuck at the overwhelming challenge in front of him. I’ve discovered that trying to push him beyond that point does no good. Deric cannot move from his position because of those boulders set in his path. To Deric, they appear far too large to move.

For now, from where he is on his healing path, Deric needs the help of someone to compassionately take his hand and show him how to walk around such boulders. In other words, find solutions that crumble that massive rock into pebbles so he can step over it and move on.

This challenge that Deric struggles with is commonplace to many of us. In fact, only a small percentage of us have been born with the innate courage to climb over such boulders and see them as challenges to tackle. 

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Robin’s Gift

In my book, Robin’s Gift, Natalie finds her growth frozen by the multitude of gigantic boulders placed in her path. She feels that the effects of abuse have scarred her life far too much to move on.

Because of such deep scarring, Natalie chose to hide herself. She hides her past from everyone around her, setting up an impenetrable barrier, not letting anyone close enough that they can discover elements of the previous life she had once led. But Natalie’s hiding does not stop there. She also covers herself by turning her clothing into an armor of sorts as she hides behind loose-fitting baggy outfits.

The Master of Making Good Out of Bad

I believe God blesses everyone with what they need when they need it. So often, people ask questions like, “Why did God make my loved one sick?” “How could God allow my child to die?” “Why didn’t God save my home from that storm?” No ending exists to this type of question. They arrive from the deepest part of a person’s heart, scarred by seeping wounds that run so deep it may feel they could never heal.

God never makes bad things happen! Let me repeat this—GOD NEVER MAKES BAD THINGS HAPPEN. Bad things occur because of the accumulated effects of our humanness, beginning from when the first person walked this Earth.

God is The Master of making good out of the bad that has occurred. Remember, God granted us the gift of free agency. And yet regardless of our choices, our loving Savior always remains at our side with a stretched-out hand, waiting for us to grasp onto it. Our Lord does not make bad things happen. However, our Savior will always walk us through hardships to the other side if we allow Him to.

Earth Angels

I can look back on my life and see how, throughout every aspect, God has placed at least one of what I call Earthly angels in my path. These angels are a way that God carries us through challenging moments and brings us to safety on the other side.

As a child, Cathy became the embodiment of one of those angels. She provided me with a safe spot to escape the abuse I endured. During my teenage years, Lue, my piano teacher, became another Earth angel. Many, many more have crossed my path. God’s love is ceaseless. Because of this fact, I can rest assured that more angels will come in and out of my life till the end of my existence here on earth. I know I got pretty preachy here. I think I’m done now with my sermon, but I did have a purpose with it.

Robin’s Gift

Back to Natalie, from Robin’s Gift—Here comes that purpose—Natalie has a friend named Lucy who sees through Natalie’s hiding attempts. Lucy recognized that Natalie wore her loose-fitting smocks as a symbolic attempt to disguise her emotional scars. Those scars became an impenetrable boulder in Natalie’s path.

But Lucy is that Earth Angel who helps Natalie step around that boulder so she can find a new and marvelous life on the other side. Lucy helps Natalie see how God turns scars into beauty marks. Lucy’s frequent phrase, “God is your beauty mark,” reminds Natalie to step aside and allow God to do His glorious work.

Ways We Hide

An untold number of ways to hide oneself exist in this imperfect world. We all, from time to time, have chosen to hide behind a boulder within our paths. Scaling a boulder or seeking a way around it can be exhausting. Often, we climb one only to find our pathway blocked by even another. These boulders frequently represent far too much work to overcome. During times like this, it can seem much easier to hunker down and shelter behind its granite side. Yet, if you make this choice, you will become its prisoner.

In what areas do you hide? What does hiding look like to you? Take a deep breath, open your eyes, and look for those Earth Angels. They await to guide you safely around that boulder and back onto your unique healing path.

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