How to Find Peace in a Troubled World

How to find peace in a troubled world—this achievement may seem impossible because, throughout history, our world has never seen a time of absolute harmony. We exist today under unprecedented circumstances filled with war, pestilence, and climate unstableness. So, how do we escape such constant turmoil? Even those spared the turbulence of this world cannot find solace amid a troubled mind. Such upheaval occurs not only on a global scale but also within our individual lives. Too often, deception will lull us into believing we can control our surroundings. Yet the truth remains that peace cannot exist within the heart when the mind is at war.

The Hidden Diamond

In my book, The Hidden DiamondDakota’s untamed honesty and innocence ripped through Aldous’s carefully placed façade. With his mask removed, Aldous stumbled upon this truth, which paved his pathway to freedom. Before this door had opened, Aldous’s misguided beliefs had ruled his life. Subsequently, over the span of many decades, he held onto the lie that he could control his surroundings. And, by doing so, claim a level of placidness.

Aldous is not alone in this fallacy. Too many of us are fooled into thinking we can control our life around us. The problem with this way of thinking is that it dominates others. God gifted each one of us with free agency. When we maintain authority over others, in a sense, we are claiming to be greater than God. Even more, we are attempting to steal from others the gift of free will God provided. For the person seeking such power, It may seem they are succeeding in controlling their environment. Yet, such an illusion cannot continue to be maintained. In time, the reigns will slip from their hands, and their semblance of control will shatter.


The truth is each person has only the ability to manage themselves. And even then, we haven’t the strength to do it alone. It may seem counterproductive, but surrendering is the only way to maintain control. As Ephesians 4:23 says, to be renewed in the spirit of our mind, we must lay aside the old self. We do this by surrendering what we do not have control over to God. See and at  Serenity Prayer – God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot (

Aldous discovered this truth. After years of managing his surroundings to keep from exposing specific facts from his past, Aldous crumbled. “And the little child shall lead them.” (Isaiah 11:6). The innocence of Dakota, the boy who lived across the street, pried open Aldous’s tightly locked heart. Aldous discovered that to find true peace, one must first surrender control.

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Where are you gripping tight to something that is not yours to control? In what areas do you need to surrender? Giving up control can be a frightening act. That is why so many people grip with iron fists to their assumed ability to take charge over others. They have no idea how that act renders them powerless.

Seek within yourself and find where you are holding tight onto aspects of your life that you need to release. Let go and surrender to God. We were not made strong enough to carry such burdens, but our Savior can.

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