How To Stop Accepting Lies. Claim Your Beautiful Value.

How to stop accepting lies and claim your beautiful value. Many are unaware they have fabricated their lives around a jumbled mess of lies. They have existed under a frozen tundra of deceit for so long that it has become their reality. Allow that season of existence to melt away, and a newly discovered beauty within you will surface.

It appears as if the bizarre winter that spread across the nation and seeped into a snow-filled spring is finally ending. Where we live, in the Northern country, we cannot count on an absence of snow until May. Regardless, we are entering my favorite time of the year. I love it when signs of rebirth surround me. And I love to witness as that which once was dead springs back to life once again.

No Regrets

Now that my second book, Robin’s Gift, is published, I have been waiting for things from its launch to slow down, not to mention other aspects of my life. The spin of pressure from those two factors has lessened, so now I can dive into writing my next book, No Regrets.

No Regrets will be a sequel to The Hidden Diamond. It focuses on Lacey, Aldous’s daughter. The storyline will follow her as she escapes the dysfunctional existence that has trapped her and her two children. Much like the coming of spring, Lacey will seek out a new birth to their life.  

To write this book, I must dive into the six months I spent in 2012 when I sought refuge within the safe boundaries of a shelter for abused women. That leap of faith became a stepping stone that rebounded me into a fabulous new life. But that transformation did not come without its challenges. To get where I am today, I first had to open my eyes and come to terms with many painful truths. This work required me to journey through all seven stages of grief as if having gone through many deaths.

Such a journey in no way is void of hardships. I fully understand why many choose to close their eyes to the truth surrounding them and instead relish in a fantasy world that solely exists within their minds. Fostering such a delusion may save you from facing harsh realities; however, you will never find genuine joy within that fantasy land.


The butterfly goes through hardship and exerts immense energy as it breaks free from its cocoon. Yet, the rewards of a beautiful, new existence come with such extensive work. The act of breaking open the cocoon that housed this beautiful creature during its season of transformation allows the butterfly to gain the strength it needs to fly. If someone were to split open the cocoon for the butterfly, its wings would be too weak. As a result, the beautiful creature would die, never knowing the joy of freedom.

We are much like that butterfly. The cocoon represents the time we spend in some form of shelter. Within its protection, we develop strength, faith, and trust in our maker. And once we become strong enough, we emerge from our cocoon. Our eyes open as we break free from the lies we previously dwelled within. We find freedom in soaring on the wings of truth and rejoice. 

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Tend to Your Mess

Existing within a world of lies, whether they provide comfort or not, is like living within a discombobulated mess. Messes readily pile up if not consistently tented. The longer you reside there, the more you become buried beneath all the garbage. Only you can tend to your mess. The sooner you do so, the less monumental the task becomes.

Aldous, from The Hidden Diamond, along with Natalie, Harold, and Melody, from Robin’s Gift, all have spent much of their lives buried beneath monumental messes. Some of these characters took on generational messes. If you haven’t already read my books, I invite you to read The Hidden Diamond and Robin’s Gift. Discover what truths my characters unearth and how they dug themselves out.

The Paddle Lock of Anger

Anger can become a paddle lock that fastens a chain of abuse tightly to you. This anger often stems from the lies people have repeatedly told you. Lies like “You are not good enough.” And “You will never amount to anything.” Or “You’re not deserving.” Then there’s “You have no right to be here.” Do any of these lies sound familiar?

If not diligently fought against, such lies will filter into your very being, poisoning your genuine self. Shout back at those destructive words of misguidance! Don’t allow them a moment of entrance into your mind. Repeat to yourself the very opposite, which is true. You are worthy! You have been created with great value and for a monumental purpose. A purpose only you can fulfill.

You Are Worthy!

Find your cocoon and enter it. Your haven may look very different than anyone else’s, which is fine. Remain within the safety of that shelter long enough that you gain the needed strength to counteract such false statements. Then, such harmful words will no longer penetrate you. No matter what your past consisted of, you are worthy. You can break free from the chains of any previous action. So, break out of those forged chains of abuse. Not only set yourself free but also set free future generations to come.

For further assistance in achieving the charge I presented here, I highly recommend This excellent resource has helped me gain the strength to move forward in my new life, free from the chains of abuse. 

Note To My Readers

Hopefully, you have gained value from this blog post. If you have, I would like to offer you the opportunity to purchase my books. You can purchase The Hidden Diamond and Robin’s Gift hereat BUY THE BOOK – Crystal MM Huntley. However, if you prefer to purchase my books from Amazon, you will find The Hidden Diamond at and Robin’s Gift at Other places to buy my books are at and

Each purchase of my books supports my mission to break the chains of abuse. Once you have read either of my books, feel free to leave a review on the site you purchased from. Your review will encourage others also to seek out the path of healing.

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