Is Solitude Good for You? Discover its Valuable Gift.

Is solitude good for you? Discover its valuable gift. The wounded soul often seeks out safety within the sheltering confinements of solitude. Even so, healing cannot occur in isolation. So, how could seclusion be of any benefit?

One of the dangers of having been abused is it provides the groundwork for others to continue to mistreat you. Consequently, the abused person learns how to be a victim. And as a result, that way of existence becomes their reality. They know no other way of life. This way of life becomes their standard, especially if they begin to learn it from a young age.

Like the magnet’s attraction to steel, a victim and an abuser gravitate toward each other. To break free from this cycle, victims frequently retreat into isolation. A time of solitude can be substantially healing if done appropriately and with proper intent. See in a new tab).

Solitude may provide a feeling of safety. However, a word of warning. If you remain within its sheltered walls too long, that which gave you a sense of security will soon become your prison. It all comes down to balance. As Ecclesiastes 3:1 (EASY) states, “There is a right time for everything. Everything that we do on the earth has a proper time.”

Why I Write

One of the reasons I post these blogs is to provide resources to use during the times you may draw within yourself for healing and growth. When a person goes through hardships in life, it is prevalent to fall into the trap of thinking that you have it far worse than any other. Too many wounded souls believe no one can understand their suffering. Such thoughts are lies a person tells to themself. Those lies hold that person deeper in their pain.

I pray my posts and books help you feel that you are not alone. When you read what I write, I hope you will see how others understand what you are going through. A support system awaits your acceptance so you can receive its benefits. As you take in such healthy support, you will begin to recognize that the journey toward wholeness brings light into your soul. May my writings give you a piece of what you need to set solid footing on that journey.

Apostle Paul explains this better than I ever could in 1 Corinthians 10:13 (MSG). “No test or temptation that comes your way is beyond the course of what others have had to face. All you need to remember is that God will never let you down. He’ll never let you be pushed past your limit; He’ll always be there to help you through it.”

We Cannot Navigate Life Alone

Life is a difficult journey full of challenges and obstacles. We cannot navigate it alone. Only through faith in our Lord and Savior will we be successful. The grace of God rescued me from the fire, freeing me from extreme abuse in multiple forms. By delivering me, my Savior gave me a second chance in life.

Only due to the never-ending love of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, am I alive today to tell my story. I pray that this blog honors God and provides strength to others so they, too, can make it through their battles.


It’s easy to throw out labels. Nevertheless, it’s not so simple to step back and gather an understanding of those around us. Within the bird world, the crow often receives an unfair label of being a troublesome and undesirable bird. People are all too quick to shoo it away.

Living on the forest’s edge, we see many crows. One day last summer, we noticed a crow with a crippled leg. He hopped on his one good leg with his wing on the wounded side outstretched, adding support like a crutch. We watched with concern as winter set in. From the seed we and our neighbors set out, we knew this bird, which we named Hoppy, would be fed. However, we feared he could become easy pickings for the multiple predators that inhabit the forests among us.

Winter pressed on and moved into spring. We continued to see Hoppy out our windows. Whenever we saw him, two other crows were always found either beside our wounded friend or watching him, perched on a nearby tree branch. We wonder if they are his parents, refusing to leave their grown chick’s side due to his unique needs. One of the reasons Hoppy survived the winter and, to this day, thrives is that he has never been alone. Others who care for him remain by his side.

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Like that crow, we must let those who healthily care about us surround us and give us strength. Such freely given love balances out wounds.

On the Funny Side

All winter, I attempted to get a picture of Hoppy. As multiple “Crystalisms” indicate, I have successfully taken countless photos of even the most skittish birds. I could move around in front of a window, and our feathered friend showed no alarm, yet whenever I lifted the camera, he and his two guardians immediately flew off. Finally, during an end-of-March snowstorm, I succeeded at taking his picture as he and one of his protectors feasted on corn we placed out for hungry deer.

I have heard that crows are especially intelligent. I can’t help but wonder if this crow used his smarts to dodge the camera, avoiding having his picture taken.

Note To My Readers

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