Legal Abuse – Revealing the Signs. Can You See Them?

Legal abuse – revealing the signs. Can you see them? As I stated in week one of this series, in a new tab), I do not claim to be a qualified expert. I write from the knowledge I gleaned from my own experiences. To do so, I must reopen and delve into memories I’d much rather forget. Yet, instead, a driving force pushes me forward to share. This force carries with it a load of hope that all I endured may help others find freedom from abuse.

I once heard a holocaust survivor state that there is nothing so terrible that good cannot come from it. I have made a similar statement. “Our Savior is the Master of turning all bad into something good.” in a new tab). Again, that is why I share—to bring something good out of the terrible moments in my life.

What Is Legal Abuse?

Just like the other types of abuse already covered within this series. There are multiple forms that legal abuse can take. One such type is when an abuser lies to a police officer, judge, or any other legal entity.

During my divorce proceedings, I fell victim to a monumental, life-altering extension of legal abuse. I will illustrate a classic form of legal abuse through my divorce court experience. During that time, my ex took full advantage of my disability. He also used against me the fact that for my safety, I had to move to a different state. He pulled strings to have the court date sprung on me at the last moment, knowing that by doing so, I could not attend.

The judge permitted me to participate through the phone. However, my ex lied, saying he could not confirm my voice as I spoke on the other end of the line. He lied again by insisting he could not validate my signature on the legal documents I had sent. To help you see the absurdity of his actions, I remind you that my ex and I had been together for twenty-six years.

As a result of those vast lies, the judge banned me from participating in my own divorce procedures. Consequently, I lost absolutely everything, including custody rights for my youngest child. The results of those lies threw me into a deep depression that lasted years.

Two Other Forms of Legal Abuse

Another way this abuse occurs is when the perpetrator spins untruths on legal orders. The man I had left and others like him will often expertly falsify documents. Such actions drain the victim of much-needed strength to fight back and claim what is rightfully theirs. Sadly, the victim will frequently give up. Surrendering to such evil intents will cement a victim into victimhood. Even worse, it keeps them under their abuser’s control.

Still, another shape legal abuse can take is when the abuser twists events and actions to legal authorities. The perpetrator will falsely claim to the police that they are the victim. Remember, abusers are often master manipulators. They know how to turn things around and discredit their victims. This calculated action gives the appearance that the victim is the actual abuser.

My ex expertly executed this form of gaslighting. As a result, he spread false accusations to many within the family and the community, slamming my reputation. I take comfort in believing that time will reveal all truth. For me, that time came about a year ago. It happened when a specific event unfolded that opened my children’s and others’ eyes to the truth.

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Seeking Help

No matter how a perpetrator may spin things, lies to legal authorities will significantly cause harm in countless ways. And anytime a person does an action with the purpose of harm, that is abuse.

If anyone is treating you in such a way, or if you know of someone who is victimized, I encourage you to seek help. You can do so by contacting the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233. They can assist anyone to take that first step. They are available 24/7 to provide immediate support and advice. Other ways to contact them are through their website at or by texting “START” to 88788. I highly recommend you reach out for help. No person can break free alone.

Upcoming Posts

I hope you join me each week as we continue this sensitive topic. Next week, I will cover domestic violence. Then, finally, I wrap up this series in week nine by providing resources and steps to escape an abusive situation.

I pray this series adequately informs all who read it and hunger for such vital help. Also, I pray that what I have provided gives courage to those in need. I welcome questions and comments on any of my blogs. To do so, go to CONTACT THE AUTHOR – Crystal MM Huntley. Furthermore, I pray that all who indulge in my written creations find entertainment, enjoyment, and education. I also hope to inspire you to move forth in your healing journey.

Note To My Readers

Hopefully, you have gained value from this blog post. If you have, I would like to offer you the opportunity to purchase my book, The Hidden DiamondBUY THE BOOK – Crystal MM Huntley, and support my mission to break the chains of abuse.

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