Physical Abuse – Revealing the Signs. Can You See Them?

Physical abuse—revealing the signs. Can you see them? Abuse can happen to anyone, male or female, adult or child. It crosses all social, economic, and racial boundaries. Abuse shows no limitations. Statistics reveal that one in four women, one in nine men, and one in seven children fall victim to this heinous crime.

Physical Abuse Defined

One person intentionally inflicting bodily injury or trauma upon another is the definition of physical abuse. With this in mind, abuse shows up in many ways. Thus, hitting, slapping, shaking, kicking, choking, throwing items, and pulling hair are included. And don’t forget the use of weapons. Additionally, the list of methods does not end there. It also includes pinching, restraint, using an item to burn someone, cutting, and much more. Furthermore, neglect also falls into the category of physical abuse. It consists of withholding necessary resources for a healthy existence.

During my recovery, types of abuse other than physical, which I had endured, became far easier for me to spot. I will address those methods in future posts within this series. For many years, I had falsely believed that physical abuse had not been used against me. All this changed as I began to learn more about its subtle forms. Through my ongoing education, I discovered that I, too, had fallen victim to its afflictions.

Childhood Physical Abuse—My Experience

As a child, my parents often kept food and proper winter clothing from me. They also inflicted other forms of gross neglect in many other ways. But that was not all. Their abuse did not stop there. It even included ceremonious sessions of deep cutting. More will be revealed on this topic when we cover religious abuse.

Often, I wonder how my childhood would have been different if someone had reported the abuse. As a child, I fantasized about being removed from my home. I had my pick of loving households I wished to be a part of. Truth be told, the resources we have today did not exist when I grew up in the seventies and eighties.

We are blessed that our society has matured. It has done so to the point where it now opens doors to help those in need. These resources are essential. According to one account, 140,000 abuse injuries are inflicted upon children per year. On week nine of this series, I will post information for aid to reach out and receive help and recovery.

Adult Physical Abuse—My Experience

During the twenty-six years with my children’s father, I experienced many forms of neglect. One way included him forbidding me to seek out necessary medical care. A second way consisted of the withholding of necessities. This restraint placed considerable limitations upon me. It restricted me from meeting my children’s physical needs and my own. I sacrificed as much as I had the power to do so to lessen the lack my children experienced. Yet another ploy prevented me from proper sleep, wearing me down. Sad to say, despite my efforts, I could not shield my children from these abusive effects.

In all honesty, my eyes continue even now to open to the abusive tactics that I had suffered. This ongoing list includes less apparent forms of physical abuse, like my children’s father’s reckless driving with us beside him. Another was making me drive an unsafe vehicle. Again, the list is endless. If the act is done intentionally and makes a person fear for their safety, it is physical abuse.

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The Generational Curse

I refer to abuse as a generational curse because its tentacles stretch from generation to generation. Exodus 34:7 supports this fact. It states how the father’s crimes will trickle down to their children to the third and fourth generations.

Sins such as abuse run deep. You cannot sever its life-giving root within isolation. Those who choose to bury their head and pretend it does not exist contribute to the crime by omission. Aldous, from The Hidden Diamond, did just that. His efforts resulted in spreading poisonous seeds and bringing grief upon himself and his loved ones. Facing his truth is the only way for Aldous to find peace and joy. I invite you to purchase my book to discover more about Aldous’s journey. The Hidden DiamondBUY THE BOOK – Crystal MM Huntley. You can also find it on Amazon at : the hidden diamond by crystal mm huntley.

Make Your Voice Heard

Speaking up and admitting abuse, whether as the victim or the perpetrator, takes courage. Regardless, make your voice heard. Abuse and other forms of dysfunction grow when hidden within the shadows. Only by shining a light on it can healing occur. If victimized by this crime, I encourage you to reach out and contact someone for support.

If you or someone you know is experiencing physical abuse, seek help immediately. You can do so by contacting the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1 800-799-SAFE (7233) or 1-800-787-3224. Both lines are there for anyone in need twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year.

Upcoming Posts

I hope you join me each week on this sensitive topic. Last week, I posted an introduction to this series. in a new tab) Next week, I will delve into sexual abuse. I will write about psychological abuse in week four. Financial abuse is the topic of week five, and religious abuse is for week six. In week seven, I will go over legal abuse. I’m saving domestic violence for week eight. This critical series wraps up in week nine when I provide resources and crucial steps to escape an abusive situation.

I pray this series adequately informs all who read it and need such vital help. I welcome questions and comments on any of my blogs. To do so, go to CONTACT THE AUTHOR – Crystal MM Huntley. Furthermore, I pray that all who indulge in my written creations find entertainment, enjoyment, and education. I also hope to inspire you to move forth in your healing journey.

To My Readers

Hopefully, you have gained value from this blog post. If you have, I would like to offer you the opportunity to purchase my book, The Hidden DiamondBUY THE BOOK – Crystal MM Huntley, and support my mission to break the chains of abuse. We all know someone who needs a gentle push to approach this sensitive topic. Maybe that someone is you. The Hidden Diamond provides a perfect, safe avenue. I invite you to join the multitudes who have discovered the value within the covers of The Hidden Diamond.

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