Revealing 7 Abuse Forms, Can You See Their Signs?

Revealing seven abuse forms, can you see their signs? Today’s blog introduces a nine-week series. In each following week, I will cover a specific form of abuse. Recently, I received a request to write a post on financial abuse. Another reader asked that I post concrete steps about how to get safely out of an abusive relationship. I wish to thank both readers for their request.

Not only will I honor their petition through this series, but I will expand on this topic. I undeniably see the importance of providing such sensitive information. But first, I need to qualify that I am not an expert. All knowledge I have gained in this area came from my experiences as a victim and as a result of my healing journey.

Abuse shows its ugly head in multiple ways. It includes maltreatment, cruelty, oppression, disrespect, violence, humiliation, invasive behavior, manipulation, and much more. Its victims suffer an increased risk of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and even suicide. In this upcoming series, I will only write about the forms of abuse I know about through firsthand experience.

Throughout January and February, I will delve into the specifics of each type of abuse. I also will provide resources for help if you or someone you know is trapped in an abusive relationship. Each upcoming post will cover one form of abuse. In no way do I claim to be an expert in this field. With that in mind, I write from my own experiences as a survivor.

The Hidden Diamond

Abuse can happen to anyone of any age, any race, and within any social status or economic class. In my book The Hidden Diamond, Aldous has lived a life riddled with abuse, first as a victim and then as a perpetrator. I illustrate how, by not healing from the abuse inflicted upon him as a child, he then passed it on to his loved ones.

In many of my past blogs, I’ve used Aldous as an example of how someone becomes an abuser. One such post is in a new tab). Many more of my posts delve into this topic. Regardless of how a person became that way, their abusive actions permanently change the lives of their victims in tragic ways. It is never okay to abuse. No one deserves to be a victim, and regardless of what the perpetrator says, it is never the victim’s fault!

My Experience

I survived a childhood riddled with multiple forms of abuse. The environment I grew up in molded me to view the world through warped lenses. Because I knew no other reality, I then fell into a relationship with a highly abusive man, like my father. Knowing no other way of existence, I remained trapped in that relationship for twenty-six years. Even still, I count myself as one of the lucky ones. Not only did I survive, but I finally found my way out. Only through the grace of God have I healed to where I can forgive my multiple perpetrators. I am honored to say I have turned my horrific experience into a ministry to help others.

The Abuser

When a perpetrator abuses, it is rare for them to limit their acts to only one type. One form usually spills into another. Consequently, this causes their crime to avalanche into more and more forms of abuse, usually with greater intensity and frequency. Emotional abuse typically formulates the groundwork for other forms of abuse, such as physical and sexual.

Anyone can have a bad day. We all have said and done things we regret. However, that occasional slip-up does not necessarily make you an abuser. A perpetrator follows a “hot and cold” pattern in their actions. And when they harm, they do so with intent. Within a truly abusive relationship, one partner claims power over the other. This control-hold can take form in multiple ways, many of which I will cover in future posts.

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As I write the posts for this series, I find it much more laborious than previous posts. The reason is that these blogs reveal deeper depths of the sufferings that I have endured. However, I choose to share my experiences. I decided to do this to encourage those caught up in similar bonds to step up and claim help. That is the only way to cut loose the prison chains of abuse and be set free. And to be set free is your only chance of not passing on the generational curse of abuse.

Upcoming Posts

I hope you join me each week on this sensitive topic. Next week will cover physical abuse, and week three will delve into sexual abuse. I will write about psychological abuse in week four. Financial abuse is the topic of week five, and religious abuse is for week six. In week seven, I will go over legal abuse. I’m saving domestic violence for week eight. This critical series wraps up in week nine when I provide resources and crucial steps to escape an abusive situation.

I pray this series adequately informs all who read it and need such vital help. I welcome questions and comments on any of my blogs. To do so, go to CONTACT THE AUTHOR – Crystal MM Huntley. Furthermore, I pray that all who indulge in my written creations find entertainment, enjoyment, and education. I also hope to inspire you to move forth in your healing journey.

To My Readers

Hopefully, you have gained value from this blog post. If you have, I would like to offer you the opportunity to purchase my book, The Hidden DiamondBUY THE BOOK – Crystal MM Huntley, and support my mission to break the chains of abuse. We all know someone who needs a gentle push to approach this sensitive topic. Maybe that someone is you. The Hidden Diamond provides a perfect, safe avenue. I invite you to join the multitudes who have discovered the value within the covers of The Hidden Diamond.

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