Revealing My Healing – Discover the Miraculous Truth!                                                

Revealing my healing – discover the miraculous truth. Many have asked how I got out of the wheelchair after over a decade of being bound to its confinements. In all honesty, I would not be who I am today without the miracles and blessings of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Because of this, I wish to share My Healing – the Miraculous Truth.

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The Behind Story

Since childhood, I was weak and sickly, unable to run and play like most kids. Indisputably something was not right with me. As a result, my limbs felt like they would yank from their joints. An everyday weakness that intensified as I aged, affecting every area of my body. For decades, I tried to get medical care with little or no avail until I moved to remote Michigan’s UP. There I found doctors who could help me. God brought me where He wanted me to be and provided all my needs so I could glorify Him.

God Leads Me to Where I need to Be.

By my mid-thirties, my legs shook and crumbled like a ragdoll. When I attempted to walk, my limbs would twist inward and fold. Finally, I found an excellent team of doctors with the skills to care for my extensive needs. This team included CP, COF Lynn Vanwelsenaers, who wanted me to try a newly developed system called NewGait While still in its early stages of development, the inventors of NewGait created it to increase long-distance runners’ performances. Lynn and her colleagues wanted to experiment with this system on people with impairments who needed rehabilitation. I met the requirements. The experiment proved successful as its bands and bungee cords provided much-needed stability and straightened my legs.    

God uses the resources He creates and always provides. Our limited lives often keep us from recognizing His techniques because God works in His time and His way. After I became proficient in walking with NewGait, I contacted my oldest son. Josh Roberts, founder of New Beginnings Tia Chi and Walking to Peace (4) Walking to Peace | Facebook, is a Tai Chi master and personal trainer. God planted within him the skill to teach me the whole-body exercises I needed to build up my muscles. And now I walk unaided.


My walking is a miracle. Yet, some have severely chastised me because I still suffer from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Even though I now walk, my body remains riddled with multiple effects of this dreaded syndrome. The genetic doctor who diagnosed me said it is common for people with this condition to become wheelchair-bound or worse. But never before my case had he heard of someone with this condition who worked their way out of lameness.

My life consists of frequent medical appointments. I must dedicate at least half an hour daily to specific exercises to keep my muscles strong. I tire easily, quickly grow weak, and suffer in many more ways, but still, God healed me! God’s healing does not necessarily mean He takes away all ailments. In (2 Cor. 12: 7-10) Paul speaks of the “thorn” that God, the master of all, did not remove. God chooses what and whom to heal. He does it in His timing and for His glory and the creation of His work. To paraphrase Apostle Paul, God’s grace is sufficient. His power is made perfect in my weakness. “When I am weak, then I am strong.”

Hopefully, you have gained value from this blog post. If you have, I would like to offer you the opportunity to purchase my book, The Hidden Diamond, BUY THE BOOK – Crystal MM Huntley, and support my mission to break the chains of abuse.

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  1. God is so good! I am so very happy to watch your amazing progress. Even though, I met you before your miraculous healing, I really didn’t know how bad it really was for you. Truly because you never complained. You just kept going… kept keeping up your beautiful spirit. Your beauty from within shines outward to all who know you. You are a beautiful child of God. I’m so very glad that I can call you friend, and sister in Christ!

    • God’s blessing rain on us all. But it takes courage to reach out your hands and catch onto those blessings. A blessing sampling that our Good Lord brings into our lives is true friends. I am honored to have you be one of my blessings.

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