Speak Your Truth (part 3) – How to Claim Your Value.

Speak your truth (part 3) – how to claim your value. Make your voice heard and, like a phoenix, rise above the ashes.

Two weeks ago, we covered stages one and two of healing https://www.crystalmmhuntley.com/speak-your-truth-part-1-how-to-claim-your-value/(opens in a new tab). In last week’s post, we went over stages three and four. https://www.crystalmmhuntley.com/speak-your-truth-part-2-how-to-claim-your-value/(opens in a new tab).

In conclusion of this three-part series, this week, we will talk about the final stage of my illustration.

Stage Five—Advocate

The further my healing advanced, the more dissatisfied I became. Breaking free from those treacherous chains of abuse was not enough for me. I needed a greater purpose to justify all I suffered and endured. As a result, my search for a significant reason turned me into an advocate against abuse.

Having a purpose distinguishes between thriving and merely existing. With this in mind, I had meagerly existed for far too long. I wanted to live wholeheartedly. Finding a reason to use my experiences while lost within abuse became fundamental to my ability to thrive. As a result, writing intently to help others heal and forgive turned into that purpose.

My unique potential to fulfill the mission to help others trapped within the claws of abuse became my driving force. It gave me joy and the means to lift myself above the ashes and rise like a phoenix. I called upon that motivation daily as I sat at my computer and completed my first book. Since then, this charge has continued to grow, turning me into an active advocate against abuse.

Let Your Light Shine.

A candle can only shine bright if its wick is kept trim. God placed a brilliant candle within your soul along with the commission to let it shine brightly. If you do not maintain your candle wick by shearing off its tip, black smoke will shoot from the flame. Consequently, every step toward healing trims your wick, allowing your candle to shine with more intense brilliance.

God created each one of us with a specific purpose in mind. Our Loving Savior provides all we need to rise above the ashes of this wounded world. Nothing can douse our flame if we hold onto our Lord. Grasp onto God’s outstretched hand. Let your Heavenly Parent guide you out of the thickets of abuse and into the light.

Petitioning God

The Bible tells us to “Seek, and ye shall find.” “Ask, and you shall receive.” To inquire is another meaning of the word ask. God teaches in parables because of His desire for us to actively search Him out.

Abusers hold captive their victims by discouraging questions that lead to individualization of thought. God whittled down His teaching to simply two commands. First, “Love the Lord your God.” When we seek Him, we strive to know Him with earnestness. That is loving Him. Second, “Love your neighbor.” To truly love your neighbors, you support them on their path laid out by God. A person trapped in abuse does not have the freedom to walk their God-given path. Speak your truth and claim your value. Let your survival story—the bounty of your harvest anchor you to your God-given mission.

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As stated in https://www.crystalmmhuntley.com/speak-your-truth-part-1-how-to-claim-your-value/(opens in a new tab), writing is not only my passion, but it is also an excellent healing tool. I started writing by journaling to heal from the abuse I endured. In time, my craft evolved. It became a method to reach out to others who, one way or another, have been touched by this tragedy. A desire to extend sparks of hope to my readers steered me to write fictional books. This format provides an avenue to offer sparks of hope and forgiveness to my readers. I feared openly sharing my story might retraumatize a victim, whereas fiction presents a safer way to reach out. 

To My Readers

I pray that all who indulge in my written creations find entertainment, enjoyment, and education. May it also inspire you to move forth in your healing journey. Join me next week and discover if you can see yourself in the informative description I will present. I welcome questions and comments on any of my blogs. To do so, go to CONTACT THE AUTHOR – Crystal MM Huntley.

Hopefully, you have gained value from this blog post. If you have, I would like to offer you the opportunity to purchase my book, The Hidden DiamondBUY THE BOOK – Crystal MM Huntley, and support my mission to break the chains of abuse.

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