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Writing Is My Passion

I am so happy to have you visit my blog. The written word bubbles out of me with zest. As far back as I can remember, I have dreamed of being a published author. And now, with that dream a reality, I am ecstatic to share it with you as I reveal what presses most upon my heart.

Most of my posts divulge further behind-the-scenes aspects of The Hidden Diamond and Robin’s Gift. I am also committed to sharing topics that fill me with passion. This dedication urges me to continue writing both within this blog and additional books in the makings. I will expand on ideas relating to these two books and introduce future books as I get closer to publication.

My Mission

Two internal topics woven within my writing are threads of overcoming abuse and finding the ability to forgive. These threads have evolved into a mission for me. My faith drives me to shine a light on truth while offering a torch of forgiveness. Healing cannot occur in isolation. Because of this reality, I am honored to reach out to you. I glorify God in every post because I would not be here today without my Savior’s Grace. I pray that my books and this blog provide direction and aid in your uniquely personal journey.

Writing Mirrors Life

All aspects of my writing, one way or another, mirror my life. This truth makes every book and blog far more personal. With God at my side, I survived forty-six years of abuse while existing with debilitating Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome. These experiences turned me into someone who fights for quality of life. My driving force is to encourage others caught up in similar situations to move forth victoriously.

Your Gain

I dedicate my blog posts to offering guidance and support to navigate life while healing from abuse. I extend ways to gain strength and resources to assist others trapped within this horrendous epidemic. Scatter within, I include elements of how dealing with a disability complicates the picture. I hope my written words help those in need break free from the chains of abuse and journey toward freedom.

Discover My Newest Post

I work hard to create thought-provoking posts to inspire you, my readers. Hopefully, you will gain value from these blog posts. If so, I would like to offer you the opportunity to purchase my books and support my mission to break the chains of abuse. The Hidden Diamond, BUY THE BOOK – Crystal MM Huntley, and Robin’s Gift, https://amzn.to/3vjaRh7.

Scroll down, and you will discover my newest post and all the previously presented posts. I welcome your feedback, insights, thought-provoking comments, and conversations with each blog post. I am eager to get to know you, my readers. Feel free to share your dreams of healing and how my writing touches your heart while helping you achieve those dreams. Additionally, I am open to requests for a blog post with a specific focus that may aid in supporting your journey.

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