What Valuable Heart Gift Would You Bring to the Manger?

What valuable heart gift would you bring to the manger? If present on that holy night, have you considered what you would offer your newborn Savior? The time to present gifts to our Lord has not passed. Indeed, we have this sacred opportunity not only every Christmas but every day.

Overcoming Depression

A proven way to overcome any moment of depression is by reaching out to others. Last week, I wrote about overcoming depression during the holidays, a commonality among abuse victims. https://www.crystalmmhuntley.com/discover-how-to-be-more-joyous-this-christmas/(opens in a new tab).

A routine stage of healing includes drawing within oneself. Such times of introspection are necessary, whether mending a broken bone, a broken heart, or a broken spirit. However, like anything else in life, we must keep our crucial internal moments in balance. This is because too much time musing will pull anyone down into depression. Introspection, the act of withdrawing, is the opposite of being sociable. Thus, a healthy balance of the two will best support your healing journey.

Sacred Gift Bearing

We live in a remote area and attend a congregation of usually no more than a dozen people. A traveling minister comes to our congregation once a month. We are blessed to have him for the Christmas Eve service this year.

A friend suggested to our Minister that Rich and I sing for our Christmas service. Reverend David loved that idea and called it our gift to our Lord. He then further added to that concept. During our duet, he said he would invite the rest of the congregation to come forward and present their offering. Like the Wise Men of old, we, too, would have this sacred opportunity to offer gifts. This act can be our unique way to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

What Gift Will You Bring?

Christmas is a Sacred holiday that calls us to the manger of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. What gift will you bring?

Matthew 25:40 says that when we give to the least of those among us, you give to Me. This scripture signifies that our efforts to do for another also bless our Lord. Jesus calls us to offer ourselves up on this most Holy of days. But the calling does not end there. It extends to every day. It summons us to reach out to those in need. We exist in a troubled world. The need to counter its negative effects is crucial. Open your heart to give. That act can provide the necessary healthy escape from your trials to keep them from pulling you down.

The Hidden Diamond

In The Hidden Diamond, Aldous had lived most of his life carrying a wounded heart. Dakota and his parents saw this and reached out to him with the spirit of giving. That simple act of extending outside of themselves became a catalyst for a miracle that plays out within this story. I invite you to read the book and dive into Aldous’s healing journey.

God placed that same catalyst within us all. In other words, you, too, have the ability to help spark miracles. Jesus calls us to seek Him out, which means our Lord desires us to be active participants. When we remain static, our lives begin to stink with an overgrowth of misery. Like algae in a stagnant pond, it covers the surface of who we are, pulling us down into depression. Break through that wretched surface! Set your woes aside and search your soul to discover what unique gifts God has placed within you. Then, use that gift as a blessing to others. You may be surprised to find a welcome pause from your troubles.

Your pause time can be a blessing from God to help you step back and view things with greater clarity. Your gift to another suddenly becomes a gift to yourself.

By Giving, You Receive

It’s funny how life works like that. We set out to give and end up receiving. I began writing books along with this blog to help others trapped in abuse find their way out. I invest untold time and money into this mission. Yet, the joy and satisfaction, not to mention the internal growth I have received in response, are priceless.

So, what valuable heart gift will you bring to the manger? I pray this Christmas, you discover the gift of reaching out to another. In so doing, may you receive abundant joy.

Photo taken from part of a nativity scene made by my beloved Aunt Coral Merry (4/29/1950 – 12/18/2019).

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To My Readers

Join me next week to discover a better way to balance your life. I welcome questions and comments on any of my blogs. To do so, go to CONTACT THE AUTHOR – Crystal MM Huntley. I pray that all who indulge in my written creations find entertainment, enjoyment, and education. I also hope to inspire you to move forth in your healing journey.

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